About me

My name is Susan McHale and I live and work in Sheffield. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I am dedicated to helping you reach optimum health and wellbeing and achieve your goals. I am committed to the highest standards of professionalism and client confidentiality. My background is working in mental health services and neurological specialist services as an HPC registered Occupational Therapist (OT) in the NHS. The main focus of my Clinical Hypnotherapy work is for Stress and Anxiety relief and related issues, but I can also work with you on many other issues, including weight loss. If what you would like help with isn't listed, please contact me to discuss.

I adopted the name Jini after playfully offering a friend 'Three Wishes'. For me, the name Jini has become associated with true personal empowerment, which is something I would like to offer to you too.

Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a safe, effective way of enabling you to make changes to unwanted habits, behaviours or thought patterns and to use the power of the mind to improve your experiences, performance and abilities.

A hypnotherapist assists and guides you in making changes at the subconscious level of the mind after inducing a hypnotic state. A hypnotic state is a deeply relaxed state; similar to how you feel just before going to sleep or on waking, but it is not the same as being asleep. We often drift into a hypnotic state, even in the middle of the day, for example when driving you arrive at your destination and can't remember part of the journey, or when you can't understand how you missed the action in your favourite TV programme, because you were 'miles away'. Like daydreaming, you may not remember everything about the hypnotic process afterwards because your attention is diverted into a deeply relaxed state in which you are more interested in your inner perceptions than your outer environment. On the other hand you may remember everything in vivid detail. It is not possible for you to 'get stuck' in hypnosis. If you needed to 'wake up' from hypnotic trance and be alert, you would do so immediately to deal with the situation.

How is it so powerful?

The mind has an incredibly powerful influence on how you perceive your inner and outer worlds, how you behave and the patterns of life you establish. It can even influence what you attract into your life. You are not as limited as you readily accept yourself to be; but tapping into your own source of life-changing power is not straightforward. Subconscious beliefs are very powerful.

In the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis the conscious mind can take a break, giving the subconscious mind an opportunity, with the guidance of the hypnotherapist, to resolve problems caused by unhelpful and outdated beliefs.

Because hypnotherapy is about transformation, it can seem like magic, but it is a completely natural process. The 'magic' you feel is your sense of wonder and surprise at the power of your own mind. Sometimes people come to hypnotherapy as a last resort having been round the houses looking for help. Save yourself the wait and the journey. Try hypnotherapy first!


telephone number: 07580 671007