What better way could there be to tell you about the process of treatment by hypnotherapy, than to let you hear it from an actual client?

In the video below, Alan tells the story of how he decided to try hypnotherapy as a treatment for anxiety, stress and depression. He talks us through the process of the initial consultation meeting, and then the treatment itself including what it feels like to be hypnotised and what took place during the session. He then describes how he felt both immediately afterwards, and 4 weeks later.

Just click the play button on the JiniPlayer below to begin the video. It runs for just over 9 minutes.

There are many more conditions that respond very well to treatment with hypnotherapy, and over the coming weeks I will be writing articles about them that will appear on this web site. So you might not find what you are looking for now, but please check back again soon.

You might want to take a look at 'What can hypnosis be used to treat?' in the FAQ page.

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Thank you for your patience.

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